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Do you have international expansion in your sights? We have done several transactions around the world. Our knowledge and presence are key differentiators.

"In my line of work I have the opportunity to work with many consultants around the world.  There are the consultants that say the right things but never really get anything done.  And then there are the consultants like Cross Atlantic who say the right thing but then deliver on their commitments.  But I might add that Sam and team actually over deliver and go beyond the role of consultant in their exceptional work.    Sam has been diligent, resourceful, and effective in our business development efforts in Africa.  His knowledge of the continent is amazing and without it we would still be at square one.  Sam and his team executed on a targeted plan that has been proven with results.  Lastly, I trust Sam and that is a critical criterion to me.  If you are looking for business development in a new geography I would highly recommend Sam and team."
VP/International General Manager at Client 

"With Cross Atlantic, we have had a partner who delivers international growth with excellence, integrity, and speed. 
Cross Atlantic has always put our interest first and worked
to maximize our revenues. We have come to completely trust
their judgment."
Head of Marketing at Client



  • Where We Help You Grow 

  • Africa
    Our firm got its start focusing on Africa. We have our richest knowledge base on the continent. Our reach is wide and deep with connections in North, South, East and West. We have done deals in South Africa, Nigeria, Mali, Rwanda, Kenya, and Senegal, to name a few.

    Middle East
    We have strong partnerships across the Middle East in countries including Egypt, Morocco, and United Arab Emirates.


    In Europe, a strong partnership gives our clients a presence in EU. Based in Germany and France, staffed by both Europeans and Americans, clients receive a suite of services from Legal representation to specific cultural coaching and post-merger integration as well as interim management, market analysis, commercial property development, and organizational development.

    With headquarters in the US, Canada, Brazil, and Uruguay, we are available to assist in your expansion to North and South America.


    Before You Hire Internationally
    As clients look to hire internationally, we help them by pairing them with an affiliate partner that provides international HR consulting. Our partner helps with regulatory filings and also provides unique hiring alternatives. 





  • What We Do for You





  • Marketing
    Marketing internationally is unique. Let our team help you navigate those waters with these services.

    Market Assessment

    Market Entry Strategy

    International Partner Selection

    International Pricing


    For some clients, we provide on-the-ground sales executives to provide results, without the complexities of hiring sales executives in multiple locations.


    Our expertise as CPAs and other financial professionals gives you a smoother expansion 

    Due Diligence

    Post-merger integration

    International Business Planning

    International Compliance Audits